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Current Specials

Chicken Athenos

Julienne cuts of Chicken Sauteed in Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Black Pepper Seared Zucchini and Fresh Spinach, Simmered in Feta Tomato Cream Sauce, then tossed with Semolina Penne.


Savage River Farm Harvest Pie

A Medium Thick-Crust Pizza, baked with Olive Oil, Imported Ricotta, Mozzarella, Parmesan, and Provolone. We Layer the Top with an Ever Changing Array of Grilled & Sauteed Locally Grown Organic Vegetables From our Friends at Savage River Farm. Ask Your Server About Today's Harvest.


Organic B.E.L.T. Burger

A Half Pound of Ground, Grass-Fed Piedmontese Beef, Grilled, then topped with an Organic Fried Egg, Natural Hard Wood Smoked Bacon, Sliced Virginia Tomatoes, Organic Lettuce, Black Pepper Aioli, and Irish Grass-Fed Swiss Cheese.


Tenderloin Cacciatori with Cheese Raviolis

Pan Seared Tenderloin Tips with Peppers, Onions, and Button Mushrooms, simmered in Tomato Wine Sauce with Cheese Raviolis.