Public Entities

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Public Entities

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H.D. Segur has been involved in public entity insurance programs for over 30 years. We represent over 60 public entities, which is more than any other agency or broker in the State of Connecticut. As a result, our agency has gained extensive experience, expertise, and marketplace leverage in the public entity insurance and risk management business.

We have a distinct advantage over other insurance agencies in our ability to compare your pricing in several markets with towns and cities similar in size and services.


About Our Program

Our insurance carriers will provide the most comprehensive coverage and competitive rates to your municipality.

Coverage options offered through our program:

  • General Liability
  • Property (including Boiler & Machinery)
  • Business Automobile Liability
  • Law Enforcement Liability
  • Public Officials Liability
  • School Board Liability
  • Employment Practices Liability
  • Workers Compensation
  • Umbrella Liability
  • Public Official Bonds
  • Fiduciary Liability

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About Our Service

We have established a Public Entity Account Service Team, centralized in our Cheshire, Connecticut office, to help provide consistency in servicing all public entities. This team is comprised of public entity insurance professionals who specialize in marketing, risk management, loss control, claim management and customer service.

Our value added services include:

  • In-House Loss control
  • Claim Management Services
  • Risk Management Services
  • Property Surveys and Exposure Evaluation
  • Due diligence Services



Why H.D. Segur is the Right Choice for your Municipality

Connecticut municipalities and its officials are faced with numerous challenges 24-hours a day as they are entrusted with the responsibility to protect and serve members of their community.

H. D. Segur’s professional service team, efficient claims handling, cost saving loss control services and competitive premiums, provide the customized protection your municipality needs to serve your community confidently and effectively.

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Contact us today to learn more about insuring your new venture or to review your existing policy.